How To Get Positive Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are significantly crucial for your business, maybe more so than you currently believe. When customers take the time to leave a review about a positive experience they had with your business, your team or your products, it’s an invaluable reputation builder.

Reading from a total stranger how awesome your product or service is, how special the time with you was, how it was worth the cost and they are willing to give back in this special way says an immense amount about you and your business. Loyal customers are hard to find, so a happy customer being willing to share their candid thoughts with the world is a huge gift.

Not to mention that a regular flow of positive customer reviews also has a direct impact on how many leads and potential customers you bring into your business every day. Learning how to ask customers for a review is a critical step in growing your online reputation, brand, and revenue.

So how can you ask customers for reviews?

Below you’ll find the details on how to ask for reviews in ways that actually motivate your customers into action. That said, it’s critical that you ask. Otherwise, you’re relying on someone’s generosity to give you a review, and more often than not, it doesn’t happen.

The truth is, we’re all very busy. You will get more positive feedback if you make it easy for someone to be generous in this special way. And that means, you need a few simple ways for someone to give you a review.

In this article, we will talk about how to ask for customer reviews. We’ll also cover how to convert your review across different platforms or social networks to get the best reviews from customers. This is the work that will help your business to grow in the future.

Why You Need to Ask for Reviews

Asking for reviews is essential, and some people might feel intimated by reaching out and asking for information from customers after they’ve purchased or been serviced by your company. However, you need to ask for a review for several different reasons.

Did you know that “4 out of 5 Americans read reviews before making a purchase decision.” The question is why?

  • They read for evidence, proof, certainty or clarity about the product/service
  • They read to get a “sense” of the provider
  • They read to set their expectations
  • They read to see where your business has limitations or weakness
  • They read for unbiased opinions
  • They read to feel comfortable saying “yes” or “no”
  • They read to confirm their decisions

And just as 4 out of 5 people read reviews, 94% say that a negative review convinced them to avoid a business. Reviews matter. A lot.

Leveraging Google My Business (GMB) For Customer Reviews

If you have a GMB page, asking for a five-star review is super easy. When you’re logged into your GMB account, there is a button that reads “get more reviews.”

Where to find the link to get more reviews on Google My Business
Get more reviews on Google My Business

Click this button for a direct link that can be shared in email, in an article or on any webpage. This is unique link connects to your GMB account and you can share it satisfied customers when you ask them to leave an online review for future customers.

Get more reviews on Google My Business
Link on GMB after clicking get more reviews

How To Ask For A Customer Review Effectively

Strategies for asking for reviews can range from very general to very strategic. Here are some of the best practices by type of communication for how to ask for a review.

Asking for Customer Reviews In-Person

When you are chatting with a customer about their experience with your brand,  this is the perfect time to request gently that they give you feedback.

Here’s an example of what you could say:

Thank you so much for sharing that with me. We’d love to hear more about your experience. Would you feel comfortable sharing more about this with our customer service team? It can help us improve for the future and share this with potential customers interested in our buying experience.

This will help you gather their thoughts just as it helps them understand why their perspective matters, and make them feel valued. But, of course, it provides crucial information to your business team and potential customers, too!

Asking for Customer Reviews Over the Phone

Asking for reviews over the phone is equally as simple. When speaking with a client or customer over the phone, ask them about their experiences, reflections and check to see if their experience aligned with their desired outcome. This valuable communication creates a direct point of contact between you and the customer.

When you decide to ask for a review, there are many ways that you can do this over the phone.

One of the best ways that we have found is the following:

It was so great hearing about your experience, and I’m glad to hear that you were satisfied with our company’s service! We’d love for you to share this on our website with our customer support team. If I email you a direct link, would you be willing to fill out a short review for us?

Asking like this will allow them to share their complete thoughts and reflect on some of the conversations you may have had together. So often, all a happy customer needs is a little nudge to share their views.

Asking for Customer Reviews Over Email or Text

If you must ask over the email, you can also reflect some of the same languages that we’ve talked about for talking over the phone and in person. Over email, you can present a very similar case and request feedback politely and effectively.

Here’s an example of what you can say:

Thank you so much for your email, and it was great hearing about your experience! We love to hear from our customers, and we encourage them to share their thoughts with us so we can improve our work. Would you be willing to email your thoughts and experience with us at your earliest convenience? We would love to hear how we satisfied your expectations or how we can improve on this in the future. Here’s a review link to make this easier for you.

An email like this offers your clients the incentive of time to consider their thoughts before responding. Often, some of the most meaningful feedback is offered in this way.

What If You Get Bad Customer Reviews?

The biggest trick in the book for how to ask a customer for a review is to simply ask. It’s not rude or an imposition to ask how you did or what a customer thought of your business. In fact, it’s the opposite. It shows you care.

In a world where so many businesses treat customers like a dime a dozen, asking for reviews and truly listening to the feedback is one smart way you can show how much you value your customers. Whether good or bad, the person who takes the time to offer a review has a reason for sharing their thoughts.

Keep in mind that even poor reviews are opportunities for growth and connection. You should respond to every review acknowledging that it was sent in. And perhaps most important is to always respond to negative feedback or critical reviews.

  • If someone has a suggestion, consider how it may help your business?
  • If someone wasn’t satisfied, how can you make their experience better?
  • If you get customer feedback that’s critical, where do they have a point, suggestion or something for you to think about that can prevent negative reviews like this in the future?

What If The Review Is Super Negative Or Mean?

If someone is really offensive, they are showing their true colors and that says more about them than it does about you. Respond with generosity to make things better. Offer to communicate or speak on a phone call to see how you can fix what feels broken.

If the requests are unreasonable, offer the best solutions you can and remember, you can’t please everyone. If you really hear what’s underneath the criticism, there may be a bit of wisdom to help serve the next customer. That said, if the request is beyond the scope of what’s possible for your business, be honest with your boundaries and limitations. Reasonable people will understand.

And whenever possible, respond in the same review or comment section. This creates a line of evidence about how you tried to help. That goes a long way towards helping the person who read the negative review to understand what you did to rectify the negative feelings shared in the review.

We hope these tips helped you and offered a foundation for how to ask customers for a review. If you have other suggestions or questions, please comment down below and let us know if we can help you create a more substantial online presence for your brand.

How To Get Positive Customer Reviews (FAQs)

Why is it important to ask customers for reviews?

Asking for reviews is crucial because they significantly influence potential customers’ purchasing decisions. With 80% of Americans reading reviews before buying, reviews provide evidence, set expectations, and help customers feel confident in their choices. Moreover, they are a direct reflection of your business’s reputation and customer satisfaction levels.

What are some effective ways to ask for customer reviews?

There are several ways to ask for reviews, including in-person, over the phone, and via email or text. The approach should be polite and express genuine interest in the customer’s opinion. In-person or on the phone, it can be as simple as saying, “We’d love to hear more about your experience,” followed by a request for a review. Via email or text, provide a direct link to where they can leave their feedback, making it as easy as possible for them.

How can I leverage Google My Business for getting customer reviews?

Google My Business (GMB) offers a straightforward way to get reviews by using the “get more reviews” button on your account. This provides a shareable link that you can send to customers, inviting them to leave a review directly on your GMB profile.

What should I do if I receive a bad customer review?

Treat every review, good or bad, as an opportunity for growth. Acknowledge all reviews, especially the negative ones, with professionalism and a willingness to improve. If criticism is constructive, use it to make changes. If it’s unfairly negative, respond with kindness and offer to resolve the issue offline if possible. Remember, your response to a negative review can demonstrate your commitment to customer service and can sometimes turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one.

Is it ever appropriate to respond publicly to negative reviews?

Yes, it’s often beneficial to respond publicly to negative reviews. Doing so shows that you take feedback seriously and are proactive about resolving issues. Respond in the same comment section where the review was posted to provide context for future readers. Always maintain a respectful and professional tone, even if the review is harsh or unreasonable.

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