Local SEO

Local SEO is required for websites that serve brick and mortar businesses. Even if you are part time remote and part time in office, if you intend to see clients face to face, local SEO is part of the best-practices formula for your business.

Like our standard SEO consulting, local SEO begins with an audit of your website. We’ll discover through that process what is and what isn’t working and how well you’re ranking for address or location specific search phrases.

What’s different from national SEO is that local SEO works on aligning your NAP (name, address and phone number) so you have the greatest change of showing on Google Maps and found by your customers.

Many of these items are part of standard SEO practices, but in local SEO we’re also leveraging tools like Google My Business to help improve the profile of your location-based services.

Google My Business

When we conduct an SEO audit for a local business, we want to take a look at how Google knows your business. Do you have a GMB profile? Does it match your word choices, location, website and social media so it’s easy for the search engines to know that the business at “123 Maple Ave” is the same one listed on your website?

Connecting these important dots (and others) is part of making local SEO work. When we work on your SEO, we will make sure that what you share anywhere online matches 100% of the time. We also look at who is linking into your site, the quality of those inbound links, and where future local links can be found.

By tying all of your local marketing together, we create a clear picture for Google that your business is the one searches are looking for when they type in your address, city and state, zip code or other keywords that align with your services + location.

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How to get started with Crownsville Media

When you’re ready, the first step is our free SEO audit. Once we have your request, we’ll get a date scheduled to review our findings and discuss a plan to get you moving forward.

Remember this, whether you hire us or you hire another SEO consulting firm, remember that the devil is in the details with SEO. It takes time and someone who cares about your business like we will to really make it work.

If you’re ready for this kind of partnership, we would love to talk. Email hello@crownsvillemedia.com to share more of your story with us or complete our free SEO audit form to get started today.