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If you are in the market for SEO support for your website(s), you’ve come to the right place.

SEO consulting and SEO support is the heart of our business. For the past 10 years, we have worked on hundreds of SEO projects for small and midsize businesses. We have a unique expertise in service-oriented businesses with a large focus of our SEO services supporting therapy websites, writers and coaches.

We focus on national SEO as well as local SEO to drive leads to client’s doorstep and get their phones ringing. We have offered this kind of SEO strategies for therapy websites, mechanics, plumbers, coaches, writers and lawyers in the past. And if you are interested in SEO to support your business goals, we would love to chat.

Search engine optimization at Crownsville Media includes everything from technical SEO and your website’s speed, to Google My Business and your content marketing strategy. We also understand the bigger picture of your brand positioning, local SEO, social media marketing and lead generation.

What makes us different from most other SEO firms is that our background is deeply rooted in human psychology. Melanie Gorman, founder of Crownsville Media, is a trained therapist and that means our SEO consulting packages always leverage the psychology behind search to amplify your results.

How Does SEO Consulting Work?

All SEO projects start with a technical SEO analysis of your website. We give you our complimentary SEO report so you’re clear from the beginning about your website and how it is performing on Google. Whether you work with us or not, you will have the data to make smart decisions about the SEO company you choose to hire.

Our goal with content creation and landing page copy is to lead with clear, consistent communication. If your website uses highly editorialized language, it is hard for the public to “get” what you’re selling.

This is like being Shakespeare the closet… you’re brilliant but no one can find you.

Fortunately, this is one of the easiest fixes to make. When we do your SEO audit, we will give you insight into this issue so you can start fixing things right away.

How Branding Affects Your SEO Strategy...

Everything comes down to branding and brand positioning. Understanding your ideal client and how they use the Internet to find help/services is key. But it’s important to know that in our world, branding is much more than your colors, tagline or logo.

To gain SEO traction, your website must be written with your client’s needs in mind. Keyword research and gap analysis will allow us to create a content marketing strategy that aligns with the results you want from SEO services. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, if you’re not speaking in the same language your clients use when searching for help or advice they will not find you.

When we work together, we either work with your branding or together we’ll discover the holes in your branding so we can improve it across all your SEO, content creation, content marketing (social media, newsletters, lead generation) and more.

Drawn image of a person climbing a latter with the word rebranding in the center, in an article on how to rebrand yourself if your small business is going in a new direction.

SEO for Counselors & Therapists is a Special Area of Focus for our Team

The pandemic has shifted (and elevated) the role of counselors in our world. This creates a special opportunity for therapist who want to get off insurance panels, increase their cash-pay business, explore alternative business models or services and more.

We have worked on hundreds of website for therapists and know the ins, outs, challenges, and unique circumstance therapists face online. A local SEO strategy is critical for most therapy practices as most therapists are restricted to serving clients only in the states you’re licensed in. But, perhaps you want to expand your reach to other states?

We can help with that too.

Local SEO for therapists ...

Hand reaching out to help someone in need

Knowing the local business market for your target audience AND how they search for help from someone line you online is the key to getting your phone ringing from potential customers who can afford your therapy services.

There’s more to local SEO than this but as an SEO consultation practice, we specialize in helping clients figure out their biggest needs first. The ranking factors for getting on the first page of search is irrelevant if your therapy practice is in need of clients. We can solve that problem faster than most.

That said, in the past year, we have helped therapist websites create national and international followings that support more than just their 1:1 therapy clients. Reaching clients across the globe feeds sales for courses, books, builds your list, increases customer marketing efforts and raises your following on social media platforms. It also, helps you find speaking gigs and clients along the way.

You can read more about our SEO for therapists services here.

Competitive Analysis & Gap Analysis

Understanding what your competition is winning at is another secret part of the SEO equation. Gap analysis looks at how you and your competitors reach, or fail to reach, your ideal client. What are they doing that you want to mirror? What word choices, topics, or areas of expertise are they highlighting in their marketing that you want to emulate in your own way?

Being creative about infusing your business into an already competitive SEO landscape is super important, but there is no need to invent the wheel. Learning from your peers, local and national, will give you great insight into how your ideal clients seek out information and what the real buying journey looks like. This is critical if you want to set realistic expectations for your future

Drawing of two people asking SEO focused questions.

What should you ask an SEO consultant so you get the most for your investment?

Everyone wants to know this question, so here’s our answer… and by all means, ask us these questions when we review your audit. They will reassure you that your SEO consultation has done their homework and they know your industry well enough to succeed at your SEO goals.

  • What’s really wrong with my site/strategy/content?
  • How long will it take to fix?
  • Does my brand make sense?
  • How much content do I need to write for my blog weekly/monthly to grow at a meaningful pace?
  • Have you ever worked on a website like mine? If not, what other industries like my own have you worked on?
  • What does SEO cost?
  • What’s included in your SEO packages?
  • Do you have references that I can speak to?

Common SEO Questions Clients Ask Before Hiring Our Team

Why is SEO important?

Here’s the brass tact’s on this, even with the growth of AI, it’s critical that your voice be represented on your website. SEO is all about giving clients what they are looking for so they see your website/landing pages/pieces of content as a resource. When you design a website or content campaign around what you want to sell without knowing the data around who is looking for that kind of product or service, you’re marketing blindly.

AI cannot give you everything to solve for the needs of your clients. SEO helps you learn about how your clients use the internet to search for help so you can tailor your approach to meet their needs.

Is SEO worth it?

Absolutely, and to be fair, this is a totally biased answer. But I can tell you this. SEO makes everything from decision making, to forecasting, to planning for your future easier because you have a sense of what the public wants from you. When you know your customers from the inside out, the authenticity of your services and offerings aligns.

That peace of mind is priceless for closing sales and increasing your trust in yourself and your business

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is writing in a way that carries meaningful keywords through out your content, including semantic keywords (synonyms) such that your landing pages or articles have a cohesiveness to them that’s easy for the reader to understand and equally clear to search engines. This dual focus helps your content to rank higher faster because it’s not cluttered with unnecessary words or confusing prose.

Can I do SEO by myself?

Overtime, yes, I believe you can. But, you have to learn the mechanics and rules of SEO first. When we work with clients, one of the goals is to help them become as independent as they want so if they want to manage their own SEO in the future, they can.

That said, SEO is an industry and it’s foolish to think that with a little course you’ll be as competent as an SEO professional with years on the job. That’s like thinking that by having a cookbook you can be the next Gordon Ramsey. Perhaps you can overtime and with a ton of practice, but it’s not instantaneous.

How will AI affect SEO in the future?

This is the million dollar question at the moment. I’ll say this, SEO has evolved exponentially since I started this work more than 14 years ago and it continues to evolve. Everyone in the SEO space thought the world was crashing down with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates too, and that proved to be a call to up-level our field. Both updates have proven beneficial for the entire industry. AI likely will too.

As tools like AI come on the scenes, we have to look at the ethical implications as well as the usefulness implications. I imagine, somewhere down the road most sites will have some AI support to them, but that doesn’t remove the need for your site to have your voice, and AI can’t be you.

Not to mention we have to talk as an industry about the moral/ethical considerations around disclosing that a site or articles that are represented as written by the site owner or the byline were really created by a robot. This is a big consideration around Google’s E-E-A-T score and something that’s important to consider as you fire up Chat GPT and write an article with ease. Is it really your article and deserving of your byline if a computer wrote it for you?

All food for thought…

For now, if you content marketing efforts are dragging you down or you simply need an SEO strategy to get your business off the ground, we can help you. Whether it’s local SEO rankings, client acquisition, content marketing, branding or general SEO for your website, we can help.

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