About Melanie Gorman, MA & Crownsville Media

Crownsville Media launched in June 2021 after years of doing SEO work for other companies, vendors and teams. Founded by Melanie Gorman, Crownsville Media has been a passion project years in the making.

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Our approach to SEO & what sets Crownsville Media apart from other agencies

As a trained therapist, Melanie’s career spans 20+ years of helping and healing work. First as a therapist, then as a website and content manager for John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

In 2009, Melanie joined the startup team at Tango Media ( to grow their Expert’s platform. That work led to helping hundreds of private clients learn how to create and market profitable therapy and coaching practices.

Her team brings the same level of care, consideration, and confidence to every project we take on because it’s the little details in any SEO project that make, or break, the results.

Michael Currie, MBA & SEO Specialist

Hey there, I’m Michael, your friendly neighborhood SEO Specialist on a mission to make websites rank higher on the results page! My journey into the world of SEO started with affiliate marketing, and over the past five years, it’s become a full-blown adventure that I’m totally hooked on. What really gets me hyped? The thrill of researching and crafting awesome content that not only grabs attention but also plays nice with those search engine algorithms. On top of this I have a background in web development and marketing that comes in handy when once in a while.

My personal projects in digital marketing have scored primo spots – think #1 search terms and even spots in Google’s Local 3 Pack. But here’s the deal: I’m not just about the technical stuff. I’m all about staying up to date on everything SEO, and that means diving into blogs, watching videos, webinars and trying out all those new software and AI tools.

Crownsville Media SEO Specialist

At its core, SEO is always about language and the words you choose to use.

The right words make the difference. Knowing the language your clients use when they search for help is critical for any SEO project to work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, counselor, sports team, life or executive coach, every SEO project involves the same essential ingredients and it all begins by knowing how your clients use the internet.

We bring years of experience in this area to every project. And much, much more.

If you’re interested in working with Melanie and her team, please send an email to or review our free SEO audit to see if that is the best place for you to begin.