Need To Understand Why Your SEO Has Stopped Working?

When it comes to SEO, sometimes it can feel like your SEO ranking is managed by magic and fairy dust. Why does content rank one day and then drop the next? Why do some pages on your website show in search, but never seem to get high enough to get clicks? And what about your pages that are optimized but never make it to page 1 no matter what you try?

Sometimes the problems go much deeper including wretched Google penalties and social media jail. It’s frustrating to say the least and can leave your business in a complete lurch if you are dependent on organic search for leads and traffic.

FIxing a dropping SEO profile requires technical SEO skills to triage and eventually resolve the issues. It’s one thing to understand how to make the bleeding stop, but that’s not enough. You need to remove the problem altogether so you can ensure that your business never again falls prey to challenges like the ones you’re facing today.

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This is what we do for clients who need to revitalize poorly performing SEO.

We work on complex SEO challenges that involve dropped ranking, disappearing pages, getting out of “Google” jail, and rebranding sites that change business direction and want to retain their domain scores and reputation.

Without a roadmap that includes technical SEO, it’s almost impossible to figure out.

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Once we know the current landscape, we can dig under the hood to discover where the issues stem from. Can we simply delete pages to clear up branded confusion? Do we need new content to paint a new picture? Are you missing SEO fields, details, or other elements that Google uses today to evaluate the content or mission of your content?

Perhaps you used some blackhat techniques in the past that have come back to roost. This happens more than you may know. We can find the problematic content/code and discuss removing it, or other solutions that will clean up your online reputation to help you get back into good graces.

Recovery takes time.

The truth is, the longer your nefarious pages are online, the longer recovery takes. Getting direction now is critical because recovery can still take many months to really take root.

When we conduct your audit, we will share facts, recommendations + timing to get things moving in a more aligned position for both your website and your reputation.

And if we discover problems we cannot solve, we’ll tell you. One of our brand values is not taking on clients that we can’t realistically serve. If your problems are beyond our scope, we’ll tell you and refer you to another vendor if we can.

How to get started with Crownsville Media

When you’re ready, the first step is either to speak with us directly or we can do a complimentary SEO audit on your website.

Once we have your request, we’ll get back to you to schedule a date to connect by phone or zoom.

If you’re ready for this kind of partnership, we would love to talk. Email to share more of your story with us or complete our free SEO audit form to get started today.

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