How To Repurpose A Blog Article As Posts On Instagram

When it comes to marketing your message, social media is a tool you can’t afford to ignore. The strategy of how exactly to leverage it, especially if you have to keep up with writing a blog too, may seem daunting at times. 

Below you’ll learn how you can repurpose a blog article as posts on Instagram specifically. 

If you’re reading this article, you probably already have a blog. If not, consider starting one. Blogs are a great and easy way to demonstrate your expertise to potential clients and readers. And, they allow your readers to get to know you before taking the plunge to consult with you. They also directly help with your SEO.

All of this helps to increases trust and encourages a deeper relationship with the right customers.

One of the many additional benefits of writing a blog is that you can repurpose your blog content on social media. By using your existing content in a new way, you save time and money. It also encourages a whole new audience that may not have seen your blog on your website. It maximizes your efforts and reach, and drives more traffic to your site.

Instagram is our focus here, but Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter are some of your other options. Continue reading to learn how to deconstruct your blog content into Instagram posts, videos, and stories.

Why to Use Your Blog Content on Instagram

Instagram had roughly 1.3 billion monthly users in 2022, and is the most downloaded app in the world. It’s also one of the top social media platforms for small businesses, with over 200 million business accounts. If you don’t yet have an Instagram account, it’s time to consider getting one.

Even though Instagram started as a photo sharing app, millions of business owners use it to showcase written content. You can share it via captions below an image post, by writing on the image asset(s) itself with the help of a program like Canva, through short videos called reels, or in stories, which appear for 24 hours only. These are the three main content formats. Let’s get a little more specific about what to do.

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog on Instagram

Here are five ways you can take content from your blog and present it on Instagram successfully. Before you take these steps, make sure your blog link is in your bio.

1. Pull an impactful quote from your blog 

Is there a particularly meaningful quote or thought-provoking line from your blog? Use it as a hook on Instagram. Think about what would grab someone’s attention to read further. 

There are many ways to do this visually. You can use the design app Canva to overlay the quote onto a branded, beautiful template or backdrop. Canva also allows for Instagram integration, so it’s easy to upload the design directly.

If you’re good with design or prefer doing it yourself, make your own creation. Just be sure it’s on brand and fits in with your color scheme.

Here are a few we made to show you how it’s done:

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Below the post, add context or detail in the caption. You can pull actual copy from your blog, or give a summary related to the quote and blog content. And don’t forget your hashtags to share the post with other Instagram channels.

2. Share more detail with a carousel post

If you’d like to cover more of the blog content in an Instagram post, create a carousel. This format also has the highest user engagement of any other type!

Carousels are basically multiple images in a sequence, up to 10. Overlay your text on each image as discussed above, or you can mix and match text tiles with imagery or video clips.

3. Tease your blog on Instagram stories

Instagram stories are temporary shares that are viewable through your profile picture and the upper navigation bar when logged into Instagram. They disappear after 24 hours and can be images or videos. They are wildly popular, with over 500 million accounts using them everyday. Stories are shared much more often than actual posts, and can be a bit more casual and fun. 

Engage with your followers by asking a question in your story related to your blog, or tease the topic or punchline with a provocative snippet. Share an image of yourself, or you can even take a snapshot of your blog on your phone and share as a story. Add some stickers or notes. Stories allow you to easily write and add design elements on top of your image/video.

4. Create a reel or longer video

The Instagram algorithm tends to reward videos, and reels are all the rage. Reels are short videos that are usually 60 or 90 seconds, but not typically longer. You can get really creative here, by adding music in the background, text on top, filters, and more. The Instagram app walks you through the steps of creating one, or you can use another app like InShot.

What could you share that’s interesting to your target audience and entices them to read the full blog?

The possibilities are endless. You can pull together a series of images into a reel, or one or more video clips. It could even be of you working on your blog, or doing something related to it. Or consider interviewing someone else on the topic, and share video clips of it.

Longer videos are also an option (up to 15 minutes, or 60 minutes for verified accounts), though they are slightly less popular. This format used to be called IGTV, and is now simply Instagram Video (they are now saved in the same profile tab as reels).

It’s important to have an account with Linktree or other multilink sharing company so you have the ability to link to more than one page on your website. Instagram has historically limited profiles to solely one url in the bio.

You want to remember that links aren’t clickable in posts or captions. They recently made it possible to add more than one to your bio, but the second link is usually hidden. Thus, tools like Linktree are invaluable. 

Once you have created your account on Linktree, you can add any design elements you want to make your background, icons or colors feel on-brand. Then, then put in the links that are most pertinent to your business. Add the most important links at the top and go down in descending order.

Next, copy and paste your personalized url into your Instagram bio. It’s really that easy. You’ll also find that most tools like Linktree offer paid levels where you can start identify which exact links your followers tap, and where your traffic is coming from. This can be invaluable if you want to measure your traffic from Instagram and see how Instagram as a referral source is helping (or not helping) your business.

Share Blog Content on Instagram to Boost Your Traffic and Reach

Blogging and social media are all about creativity and connecting with your readers and followers. That said, we’re all super busy. When you can repurpose your blog articles into posts on Instagram, you get two opportunities to increase your results exponentially.

When you produce high quality content with unique insights, people want to read it and share it. And the next step is that they may want to hire you. They’ve seen the value you provide, which builds trust and encourages further interaction and interest in your business.

Want more support with your social media or SEO strategy? Contact us for a free audit of your website or to help you get creative with your Instagram or other social media strategy.

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